Long Distance

Long Distance

Long Distance

Our team works fast and hard to guarantee your boxes and furniture arrive within (1-3) days. 

Long distance services are for all moves exceeding 50 miles from Manhattan, KS.

Making moving easy:

  • We don't mix our moves, only your items will be in the truck
  • Our services are available for both next state over and across country.
  • Same team that loads the truck will also be the ones to unload your stuff into your new place. Your items won't change hands.
  • We keep in touch and update our customers while we're on the road.  

Contact # will be given to you incase you need to contact the truck driver.


  • Out of state moving requires planning. Please schedule as far in advance as possible so our crew can make the proper arrangements.
  • Please take into account extra fees may apply if your move requires our crew to stay the night in a hotel.
  • We are insured for interstate moves.

Pricing: Long distance services start at $150 per/hr (this includes a truck, 2 crew members, and all protective coverings and provisions.

If your move requires a second truck, services start at $295 per/hr. (this includes 2 trucks, 3-4 crew MBR's, all provisions).

Please reach out to express the exact services your looking for. We value item safety and move time efficiency.

free quotes @ 785-370-1628, [email protected], or qcmovingcompany.com

Provisions: Padded moving blankets, mattress covers, stretch wrap, rail covers, packing paper, dollies, furniture rollers, straps, tape, truck locks, and labeling will all be provided for safe transportation of customer items. 

Tools for disassembly and unmounting will also be provided. 





Get A Free Quote

Start your move with a free quote. For the most streamlined process When filling out your free quote we ask that you provide an ITEMS lIST and the DISTANCE( in miles) that you need moved. We are located in Manhattan, KS, if your start location is in a different city we also ask that you provide your CITY/STATE. Once we receive your information we will make contact and send you a total price for all your moving needs.

We understand that moving can be a complex and stressful process. Our team works hard to make our customers happy. Feel free to contact us about any additional questions/concerns you have in this section as well.

Get your free quote quicker by calling our office @785-370-1628 and talking to our team right away.

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