Starts with a FREE quote.

Pricing Is based on the distance you are moving, number of items, size of items, and boxes/packing materials used if you are needing packing. 

- We do everything in our power to get your items to their new home safely. We provide padded moving blankets, stretch wrap, mattress bags, and straps to protect and secure your furniture. 

- Being on time is important to us (We communicate and keep in contact with our customers.)

We Accept:

- Cash

- Credit/Debit Cards

- Check

- PayPal

- Cash App

(photo ID required for payment with check)

Full payment is required on site concluding your move.

Send us a message using our Free Quote tab seen above or call our office @ 785-370-1628 to get your quote.

you can also send us a email @ [email protected]

You will then receive a comprehensive moving quote that lists what our service provides and the total move cost.

Sometimes a deposit is required for moves that are not local (Manhattan KS). 

Make a list of all items you need moved.

Let us know if there is something extremely fragile or breakable before our crew arrives.

Get rid of hazardous/volatile items. We will not move...

- Gasoline

- Propane

- Aerosols

- paint

Make sure you have all your necessities in a separate bag before we show up. 

We'll make sure to ask you before loading any item we are unsure about.

Unhook all washer/dryers from the wall before crew arrival.

If you have extremely heavy items in your drawers we recommend removing them so we can move them separately. 

If Items are light (linens, towels, papers, ect.) we can move them with the items inside.

We will wrap all furniture with stretch wrap and blankets to ensure all items stay inside your furniture and no damage is done.

We recommend scheduling as far in advance as possible.

1 month ahead is ideal for us when scheduling your move date.

Don't hesitate to contact us if your move is last minute, we will try to work you in if possible.

We will send you a confirmation email that includes your move details and confirms your move date/time.            

Tips are always greatly appreciated but never required.

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